Presentation panel is not necessary to be a panel!

A work by Hafiz Hajeedar

Recently I have came across to an extraordinary presentation in BLDGBLOG by a group of students who did documentation, maps and filing as mean presentation. I think it is well proven that there is no exact method of presentation and panel doesn't need to be all printed out as long as the things (presentation) or what ever way you presenting, focuses on the idea (hey, can save money on printing cost!). Which mean it also could be done in very artistic way as long as it is comprehensive. Today post, Designpanels is delighted to share a blog by a young artisan, Hafiz Hajeedar who has very stimulating presentation of artworks and also thought about architecture and art.


H.XD | January 23, 2012 at 2:43 AM

Wow! I just came across this blog. And the things posted are pretty inspiring :) thanks for sharing and I like the commentary that follows suit too. Keep it up!

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