Parasitos by Firadaus Khazis

Student: Firadaus Khazis

Subject: Digital Design Modeling

Software: Rhino v4 sr2

Render: Rhino v4 sr2

Site: City Square Melbourne (along Swanston street)

First comer to Melbourne Central, would definitely be fascinated with Kisho Kurukawa's brilliant way  of encapsulating the old architecture within new. The old melbourne central building is framed by a whole new podium, crowned with a glass cone. It shows the importance of heritage building, by preserving the aesthetic, meaning and functions. However looking at different perspec, it can't be denied that the new structure overpowering the old one, like a bloodsucker to Old Melbourne central's glamorous and prosperity.

PARASITOS thus portrayed the polemic drama between the new age architecture and the old. The brick built castle strangled and portrayed in struggling mode as to fight against the new age architecture which is made out of stainless steel and tinted glass built in complex form.


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